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5 Reasons Why Funding Farmers is The Best Way to Invest in Agriculture

Agriculture will always be the cornerstone of our society, but many people still don’t understand how it works and how to get involved. The good news is that there are ways to support farmers without actually being a farmer yourself! This blog outlines 5 great reasons why funding farmers can be one of the most beneficial things you can do with your money, both now and in the future!

(1) Farming Is Vital to The Economy

The global population is increasing, and this means more people will be going hungry. It’s time for a new way of thinking about food security. If we want to ensure that our children are eating healthy, nutritious food then it’s time to invest in farmers now. Farming funding allows you-the investor-to fund a farmer’s future potential by investing in their farm start-up costs or providing them with access to better farming tools like irrigation systems or seeds. But why should you invest in farming? Here are five reasons:

(2) Farmers Are Good Stewards of The Land

A farmer invests time and resources into their land, taking care of it and ensuring it will provide for future generations. They are stewards of the land. This means that they’ll do what it takes to protect it, even if that means going without needed resources or spending more than they should. In return, the land provides for them by producing food for all of us. The best way to invest in agriculture is by supporting farmers to continue stewing their lands and providing for us.

(3) Funding Farmers Helps to Preserve Our Way of Life

Farming funding helps to preserve our way of life. It can be difficult for farmers and farm families to stay afloat financially, even when they have a diversified crop or livestock operation. The cost of living, equipment, and other expenses are not always predictable and sometimes some setbacks happen unexpectedly. We all know what it feels when something has gone wrong and we’re scrambling for cash. That’s why we need more resources available for those who want a better future for themselves, their children, grandchildren our future generations!

(4) Agriculture is a Renewable Resource

Agriculture has been a renewable resource since the dawn of time. It has evolved with technology, yet still holds on to some traditional methods that are better than anything we have right now. Unlike fossil fuels and minerals, agriculture can replenish itself and is not limited by finite resources or geography. To produce enough food for everyone on earth today, we would need just over an eighth of the land used for agriculture. The amount of water needed for agriculture also increases with population growth and climate change because it takes more water to grow an additional person’s worth of food than it does for one person. Perhaps most importantly, farming funding helps farmers be more productive which means more food gets produced at a lower cost for consumers which prevents hunger crises from happening.

(5) Investing in Farmers Supports Rural Communities

The best way for you to invest in agriculture and support rural communities is by funding farmers. In this guest blog post, we cover three reasons why funding farmers is the best way to invest in agriculture.
a) Investing in farms helps sustain rural communities: People living and working on farms provide a wide range of services and products that are essential for daily life, but we often don’t think about where they come from or how they are made possible.

b) Funding sustainable farming improves food security: Sustainable farming practices use resources such as water, energy, and land more efficiently while also protecting natural resources like forests, soils, and pollinators, all of which are necessary to grow nutritious food all year long. A recent study found that access to funds through agricultural cooperatives was associated with higher adoption of conservation practices, like using no-till methods and reducing pesticide use.

c) Buying local foods supports rural communities: Not only does investing in farmers help sustain rural communities, but it also supports them right here at home! You can buy local foods, and your money stays in our community.

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