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Clean Water

Clean Water Access And Hygiene Campaign

Access to sanitation and clean water is a basic human right. However, in 2021, 784 million people (1 in every 10 people) globally, did not have clean water. The prospects for the coming years do not look too good either.
784 million people cannot easily access the most essential commodity that sustains life on this planet – water. The problem escalates further because a good number of them also cannot access a simple sanitation station. For instance, out of every 5 people in the world, two do not have access to a basic soap and a handwashing place. Because of the lack of the means to uphold cleanliness standards, more than 800 children die daily from ailments that can be contained easily.
In the modern world of unprecedented technological advancement and great affluence, still, almost a seventh of the global population struggle daily to get water. The most affected people travel for miles to fetch the precious commodities. This condemns them to more poverty because the time they would have spent working productively goes to looking for water.
The hours that children spend looking for water should be spent in school. This affects their performance, further relegating them to deeper poverty. In Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba and the Dominican Republic, the majority of the people live in intense poverty. Lack of access to clean water sees many people going to find water instead of working while children miss school to help with the water.

How The Louis Jean Foundation Is Helping

The Louis Jean Foundation is committed to end intense poverty and the struggle to access clean water. We are driven by the belief that globally, all people merit clean water, basic sanitation access and other things that we take so casually in the U.S.
We run the Safer Water Campaign. One of our major objectives is to enlighten communities on the importance of clean water. Our second objective is to help these communities to come out of the intense poverty and lack of clean water that affects their lives. To do this, we give tankers, hand pumps, drill boreholes and dig wells.
We have recorded impressive results from our drive. The rate of infection is considerably lower. People can also attend to their daily work duties instead of going to look for water. Sanitation is greatly improved and so is access to safe drinking water.
To keep up this good work, we need you to support us. You can do this by pledging a small gift every month. This will help us to provide safe drinking water and basic sanitation facilities.

Clean Water Improves All Aspects Of Life


Access to basic sanitation facilities and clean water can save up to 16,000 lives weekly. Ailments related to the unsafe water kills more people than the combination of war and other forms of violence and 43% of these deaths are children.


With easier access to clean water, the time previously used to look for water can be used in productive activities that reduce poverty. These include going to school for children, producing food and making income. Annually, women in the Caribbean use countless of hours walking to look for water.


Every month, adolescent girls do not attend school for a week because of lack of proper sanitation facilities. The struggle for clean water keeps many children, especially girls, out of school. Easier access to water keeps more children in school.

Women Empowerment

Giving a community in the Caribbean, water gives girls and women their life back. They collect 72% of the water used in this part of the world. Girls can spend more time in school while women can engage in productive activities and enhance their homesteads.

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