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Give the gift of a better education
Imagine sending your child to school knowing that they would have no chair on which to sit, no table at which to write and no textbooks from which to study. Picture children so desperate to learn that they sit, day after day, on hard concrete floors, struggling to copy down lessons from battered chalkboards.
With this acute need in mind, Louis Jean Foundation for Education to provide educational facilities and resources to schools in and to give children an opportunity to be educated and have a better start in life.

Our dream!

Help us create better life chances
Unfortunately, the local schools in Africa are poorly equipped, with no shelving, no locks on doors and often no windows, that it has not yet been possible to distribute the books for use.
Our ambition is to establish an Educational Resource Centre where local schools can access the resources they need to deliver a higher standard of education to children. This hub will enable schools to withdraw enough textbooks for a class, use and return them later for other schools to borrow, therefore reaching thousands of children with fewer resources.

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