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The entire job can take anywhere from 6 to 9 months. The process starts by the time we get your gift and runs through the time that we submit our feedback to you. We shall let you know about the process of the water hand pump installation. We shall also show you why the installation takes such a long time.
Depending on where the water hand pump is installed, it can serve varied numbers of people. We install some of these pumps in homesteads that have up to 8 people, that is, if the family has such a number of people. We also install these water hand pumps in small communities where one pump can supply the water needs of a few families.
The average lifespan or useful life of a water hand pump is about 7 years. However, if it is taken good care of, it can last longer than that. It can also last a shorter time than that if it is not well cared for. After installation, we teach the beneficiaries how to care for and maintain the hand pump.
We allow you to fund a hand pump on behalf of someone that you love or someone that you would like to honor. This hand pump will go to the neediest family or community to benefit them with clean water. You can also give us the name of the person on whose behalf you are donating the pump so that we can add their details to the plaque. We request you to make the name or the details a maximum of 25 characters. By donating the hand pump, you will be fulfilling what Jesus said is the best charity – giving water.
This depends on many things. Among them is the geology of the place where we want to install the hand pump. In some locations, it can be as deep as 30 feet and in others, it can go as deep as 90 feet.
Actually, we do more than send you the picture after the successful installation of the hand pump that you helped pay for. We will send you a customized hand pump certificate. It will also come with a picture of the pump with the people that it benefits. We shall also include the address and the location where we installed it. If you ever want to see it in the future, you will know where to find it.

You can call us on our number844-829-2292, or you can send your gift through our website. Donate $550 to help us help needier and more deserving communities to access water. You can also fund a hand pump in the place of a person you would love to honor this way.

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