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Farmers First

Farmers First

We serve smallholder farmers. In everything we do, we place Farmers First.
Farmers are the key to ending hunger and poverty in our lifetime. Poverty today is concentrated in one profession: farming. Most people living on $1 a day are farmers.
In the Caribbean families earn a living from small farms, which produce 80 percent of the region’s food. But harvests still lag far behind the rest of the world.

''I do not have enough money to feed my family. i have to ask neighbors for helps.''

Self- sufficiency

''I have a big harvest and can feed my family. i even have some surplus to sell at market''


''I have a cow. I have a nice house with electric light. my children are healthy and go to school in new uniforms.''


''I have more income and choices because i farm like a business-woman i can send my kid to university.''

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